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TheSequence Scope is our free weekly digest. It keeps you up to date with the latest research papers, cool tech releases, AI startups and investments, notable tweets about AI, and other useful information to keep you informed without hassle. No need to sift through arxiv.org, follow dozens of blogs, and collect bookmarks. Every Sunday, TheSequence Scope is in your inbox: precise and informative.

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On Tuesdays, we familiarize you with the most important ML concepts, keep you up-to-date with relevant research papers and explain the most prominent tech tools and frameworks.

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On Thursdays, we do a deep dive into one of the freshest research papers from AI labs like Google AI, DeepMind, OpenAI, etc, or give a comprehensive explanation of cutting-edge technology frameworks and platforms like Tecton, Run:AI, Snorkel AI, Fiddler and others. 

Examples available without subscription: Google Meena That Can Chat About Anything; Facebook RebBel that Can Master Poker; Run:AI, Tecton, Fiddler, Snorkel Flow

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The interviews with ML practitioners! We love it. It’s a great source of inspiration and insights from hands-on professionals. Always something to learn.

also we spoke to Jim Dowling/Logical Clocks AB: The future of feature stores; Adam Wenchel/Arthur AI: About ML explainability, interpretability, and fairness; Justin Harris/Microsoft: "My vision is for people to be compensated for the data they provide while keeping models free to use"; Jan Beitner/PyTorch Forecasting: " I believe deep learning models will become the method of choice for time-series forecasting"; Krishna Gade/Fiddler: Challenges with model explainability; Iskandar Sitdikov/Provectus: Healthcare has it all: NLP, computer vision, recommendations, and a whole lot more. All interviews can be found here.

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We started TheSequence in July 2020. Since then more than 100k people signed up to read our newsletters and interviews. Our readership is incredibly diverse and global, with the majority from the US, Europe, India, Australia, Middle East, Latin America. It also includes top technology and AI brands such as Intel, PwC, Ernst&Young, Microsoft, Google AI, LinkedIn Research, Salesforce, DataRobot, Linux Foundation, Nokia Bell Labs, VMWare, Samsung, Motorola, Terradata, C3.ai, MIT, Stanford, Cardiff University, Warsaw University, Melon College of Science and hundreds of others.

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