Dear all,

punchline at the beginning: I would like to pay you but system won't let me.

why I write here: Since modern support structures are trying to pre-structure request, it becomes harder and harder to actually report and get help on new and unforeseen problems. I can't find a way to report my issue because I have to choose from categories that don't apply. I write to you because you may have a backchannel. So here goes:

1) So, I am already a free subscriber. For the following: I am on your my computer, using the webpage with Safari Browser.

2) When I try to click on "give it a try" (https://thesequence.substack.com/about) - which seems to be the only way to get the paid subscription - I am offered other newsletters as recommendations (oh gosh, why? I: Hi I want to buy this. System: do you want this is other stuff for free?), which I unselect and then click continue.

3) "You're subscribed!" - I haven't entered any payment info, I am still listed as a "free subscriber" and the "give it a try" is still there.

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Hi 👋

I am growing my blog reach and it's not particularly AI based but I am huge fan of how AI can be a compliment to creative thinking. I have an article I'd love to share on your platform as a guest post if you're interested. You can message me here, or check out my website to see if it's a good fit. www.theflawlessfootprint.com

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Fascinating as my debut thriller novel titled "The Sequence," dealt with the ethics of human genetic engineering over the next 100 years. The sequel, which should be out this fall, will address what I think will happen to AI and specifically Artificial SuperIntelligence over a similar timespan. Looking forward to educating myself here!

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