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Who has time to regularly read long AI research papers? Or test the new frameworks and platforms entering the space? If you are a new developer or aspiring data scientist, where do you even get started?

This challenge overwhelms individuals as well as companies trying to become more proficient in AI topics.

TheSequence’s goal is to make you smarter about artificial intelligence 5 minutes at a time.

TheSequence Edge (Premium content): Every Tuesday we discuss core ML concepts, summarize groundbreaking ML research papers in a few paragraphs so that you don’t have to spend hours reviewing complex papers. We also explore new frameworks and platforms you should master, keeping you up to date with the technological developments in the AI field.

Every Thursday we do a deep dive into one of the freshest research papers or technology frameworks that are worth your attention. Super helpful.

With TheSequence you steadily become knowledgeable about the most important developments in the AI space. Only $6/month, or $50/per year.

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TheSequence Scope (free): Sunday digest that summarizes the last research papers, cool tech releases, and investments in AI, to keep you up-to-date without hassle. It’s a bite-sized newsletter, in 5 minutes you get enough to be smart about the currents of the AI world.

TheSequence Chat (free): every other Wednesday we publish an interview with researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs doing real ML work. It is an excellent source of insight and inspiration.

TheSequence Guest Post (free): every other Friday our partners explain in detail what machine learning (ML) challenges they help deal with. An enticing read!

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About us:

Jesus Rodriguez

  • A fan of all things AI-related

  • CEO IntoTheBlock

  • Chief Scientist, Invector Labs

  • “Applied AI” Guest Lecturer, Columbia University

  • Microsoft Alumni

  • Reformed Quant

  • Angel Investor, LP in several tech funds

  • Must-read contributor at Towards Data Science, KDNuggets, Hacker Noon, Coindesk and others

  • Speaker

Ksenia Se

  • Passionate about AI and citizen diplomacy

  • Co-founder of TheSequence. Currently responsible for all sponsor relations.

  • Board member, Track Two: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy

  • Guest lecturer at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia); Middlebury Institute of International Studies (Monterey, USA)

  • Ex editor-in-chief of TheQuestion, ex NY chief editor of Snob Magazine

  • Contributor to Stratfor, Towards Data Science, The Startup, and others

  • Writer

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Jesus Rodriguez 

CEO at IntoTheBlock. Co-Founder, President at Faktory. Guest Lecturer at Columbia University. 2 Exits as an Entrepreneur. Active angel investor in AI, crypto and enterprise tech Microsoft Alumni. Wall Street Quant

Ksenia Se

Founder of The Turing Post (coming soon!). Co-founder of TheSequence. Ex-editor-in-chief of TheQuestion. Board Member at Track Two