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TheSequence is an unusual way to learn and reinforce your knowledge about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We started TheSequence in July 2020. And now we have over 65,000 subscribers. Our readership is incredibly diverse and global, with the majority from the US, Europe, India, Australia, Middle East, Latin America. It also includes top technology and AI brands such as Intel, PwC, Ernst&Young, Microsoft, Google AI, LinkedIn Research, Salesforce, DataRobot, Linux Foundation, Nokia Bell Labs, VMWare, Samsung, Motorola, Terradata,, MIT, Stanford, Cardiff University, Warsaw University, Melon College of Science and hundreds of others.

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TheSequence consists of two parts:

TheSequence Edge is a premium educational newsletter for $5 per month/ $50 annually. It’s a unique review of groundbreaking ML research papers, engaging explanations of ML concepts, and exploration of new ML frameworks and platforms. Its goal is to help you build and reinforce your knowledge about machine learning.

Here you can read the examples of our Premium Newsletter:

Edge#4, Edge#23, Edge#33

On Tuesday and Thursday, TheSequence Edge covers three key topics: 

  1. An ML concept you should learn (ex: Transformers, federated learning, Auto-ML, meta-learning, etc.)  

  2. A review of an impactful research paper written in comprehensible English.  

  3. A briefing on a new ML framework or platform and how you can use it (Weight&Biases,, HopsWorks, etc.)  

Our subscribers say:

"It allows me to stay tuned and widen my horizon in bite-sized, highly concentrated chunks."

"I subscribed to TheSequence because it makes it effortless to continuously be introduced to new areas of machine learning, stay up to date with important advancements in the field, and discover new tools. I subscribe to many email newsletters but currently, TheSequence is by far my favorite."

"Your newsletter is really different from others, the content is unique, quick to digest and very insightful."

TheSequence Scope is our free weekly digest. Published every Sunday, it keeps you up to date with the latest research papers, cool tech releases, AI startups and investments, notable tweets about AI, and other useful information to keep you informed without hassle.

🧠 The Quiz

We’ve also created TheSequence Quizzes to check your knowledge every time you read TheSequence Edge. Please, challenge yourself and take the quizzes. Every ten quizzes we randomly choose and award active participants. Sign up and participate. It’s free.

More to come…

Soon we will add more sections, like Interviews and other content. Please support our efforts by subscribing to TheSequence Edge. You will learn more with each dispatch.

People behind TheSequence

Jesus Rodriguez

  • A fan of all things AI-related

  • CEO IntoTheBlock

  • Chief Scientist, Invector Labs

  • Guest Lecturer, Columbia University

  • Microsoft Alumni

  • Reformed Quant

  • Angel Investor, LP in several tech funds

  • Contributor to Towards Data Science, KDNuggets, Hacker Noon, Coindesk and others

  • Speaker

Ksenia Semenova

  • Passionate about AI and citizen diplomacy

  • Co-founder and editor of TheSequence

  • Board member, Track Two: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy

  • Guest lecturer at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia); Middlebury Institute of International Studies (Monterey, USA)

  • Ex editor-in-chief of TheQuestion, ex NY chief editor of Snob

  • Contributor to Stratfor, Towards Data Science, The Startup, and others

  • Writer

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