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Who has time to regularly read long AI research papers? Or test the new frameworks and platforms entering the space? If you are a new developer or aspiring data scientist, where do you even get started?

This challenge overwhelms individuals as well as companies trying to become more proficient in AI topics.

TheSequence’s goal is to make you smarter about artificial intelligence (AI) 5 minutes at a time.

Every week we discuss core ML concepts, summarize groundbreaking ML research papers in a few paragraphs so that you can stay up to date without having to spend hours reviewing complex papers. We also explore new frameworks and platforms you should master, keeping you up to date with the news and technology developments in the AI field.

With TheSequence you steadily become knowledgeable about the most important developments in the AI space.

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Every Sunday straight into your inbox we deliver TheSequence Scope, a free newsletter curated by industry insiders. The summary of the last research papers, cool tech releases, and investments in AI, to keep you up-to-date without hassle. It’s a bite-sized newsletter, in 5 minutes you get enough to be smart about the currents of the AI world.

Things get much more interesting with TheSequence Edge. It’s for paid subscribers only. In 5 minutes this newsletter covers three key topics:

  1. A machine learning concept you should learn (ex: Transformers, Auto-ML, meta-learning, etc.)

  2. A summary of a research paper that has had an impact in the machine learning space.

  3. A briefing on a new machine learning framework or platform.

We keep it concise and efficient, guiding you through the key research papers and technologies, explaining important concepts along the way. Gradually and easily you learn different parts of the ML universe. The deal-breaker here? You become proficient in AI, saving tons of time.

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And now, who we are:

Jesus Rodriguez

  • A fan of all things AI-related

  • CEO IntoTheBlock

  • Chief Scientist, Invector Labs

  • “Applied AI” Guest Lecturer, Columbia University

  • Microsoft Alumni

  • Reformed Quant

  • Angel Investor, LP in several tech funds

  • Must-read contributor at Towards Data Science, KDNuggets, Hacker Noon, Coindesk and others

  • Speaker

Ksenia Semenova

  • Passionate about AI and citizen diplomacy

  • Editor and growth hacker of TheSequence

  • Board member, Track Two: An Institute for Citizen Diplomacy

  • Guest lecturer at Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia); Middlebury Institute of International Studies (Monterey, USA)

  • Ex editor-in-chief of TheQuestion, ex NY chief editor of Snob Magazine

  • Contributor to Stratfor, Towards Data Science, The Startup, and others

  • Writer