☝️ The #1 Easy Way You Win Machine Learning*

To get the model right, you need to get the data right. Pachyderm is the key to getting the data perfect

Hundreds of sources, millions of observations, petabytes of data and your dataset is always changing. Has it changed since yesterday? By how much? Do you need to retrain? How can you know exactly which dataset was used to train the model that one time?

Data Versioning and Data Lineage give your team an immutable record of changes and dependencies between datasets as they move through your system. Moreover, Data Versioning and Data Lineage let you roll back to any previous state with ease.

Reproduce any result. Source any bias or drift. Scale faster than you ever thought possible.



Joey Zwicker

CEO, Pachyderm

*This post is an offering from our partner Pachyderm. We thank the Pachyderm team for their ongoing support of TheSequence.