📌 Join us July 14th at MLCon – The AI & ML Developer Conference

Free event

We are excited to partner with cnvrg.io on MLCon! It is a FREE virtual ML community conference meant to break down silos, share lessons learned, pro tips, and proven strategies for building real-world AI applications. 

40 AI experts from Google, OpenAI, Snowflake, Bumble, Snap Inc, Lyft, Intel, Robinhood, AstraZeneca, Salesforce and more will share their successes, failures, and lessons learned so no one has to reinvent the wheel.


Get an inside look into:  

  • How Lyft built the training infrastructure of LyftLearn  

  • Augmenting GPT models with retrievers 

  • Anomalies: Simple Detection and Alerting Techniques  

  • Shipping ML at scale: lessons learned to successfully deploy ML models at Bumble 

  • How CNN Digital ML team builds recommendation engines 

  • How to transform data science productivity with Spark 

  • Building attention recommendation at Wish 

  • The good and bad in Kubernetes for AI 

  • Lessons learned: The impact of time on ML systems by Snap Research on the Snapchat platform 

Check out the speaker lineup and register for free.