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Going beyond traditional automated machine learning, a new technology is picking up speed in the market. The technology transforms how analysts use their data to forecast, predict, and uncover new data insights. It changes how data scientists connect, prepare, engineer, and model data and operationalize AI. And it enables data science leaders to empower teams to deliver results that meet or surpass their goals faster. That technology is Squark.

Industry leaders from top companies across the F100 and mid-market including DHL, Hubspot, and UPMC are already adopting Squark to transform their data analysis and accelerate business growth.

Squark automates the entire data science process; a few highlights include:

  • Intelligent data connectors that round-trip data between sources.

  • Automated data cleaning, pre-processing, feature engineering and selection make your data better, including natural language processing and much more.

  • Automated model competitions and optimal model selection find the best model for your data. Or you can select to use any model, from deep learning to gradients to ensembles and more, using today’s leading algorithms. 

  • Row-level predictions are visualized for easy understanding including global, regional and local explanations. 

As part of our newest release, Squark has partnered with TheSequence for a limited time offer: the first 25 members that sign-up below can receive a consultation with a Squark AI Expert to review use cases and potential predictive results at no charge.  In addition, everyone who expresses interest will receive a 15% discount on a Squark license. This is the only discount available, and it’s exclusively for TheSequence audience.

If you’re interested in understanding how Squark’s automated data science could work for your business or would like to see the product, please submit your information below. Let’s uncover how Squark can accelerate and automate your business growth.

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*This post is an offering from our partner Squark. We thank the Squark team for their support of TheSequence.