About 45% of the time in data science projects is consumed by processing and labeling data. It’s fair to say that data labeling is one of the most…
Weekly news digest curated by the industry insiders
In this guest post, Superb AI shares a use case with their client Autonet that focuses on streamlining the claims experience in the auto insurance…
One of the most important achievements to bring machine translation to low-resource languages
the fundamental types of tests that can be applied to trained models +how Meta uses Bayesian Optimization for A/B tests +TensorFlow’s What-If Tool
The Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) is built from collaborating and integrated groups of researchers, engineers and students all driven to change what…
Weekly news digest curated by the industry insiders
What’s the best way to gather and label your data? There’s no trivial answer as every project is unique. But you can get some ideas from a similar case…
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